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For the best books on the rich and varied cultures of Japan and Asia, as well as the wildlife and nature of Africa.

Kodansha Europe is about culture. It’s about bringing the cultures of different parts of Asia to Europe, Africa and other parts of the world so that we can all share and learn. We offer books from many different publishers covering everything you could imagine, including Architecture, Art, Cinema, Cookery, Crafts, Design, Fiction, Gardens, Health & Beauty, History & Society, Languages, Manga, Martial Arts, Natural History, Pop Culture, Photography, Religion & Philosophy, Travel...

We have also begun to make books from Africa available, starting with the amazing nature + wildlife photography of HPH Publishing. We welcome interest from any publisher in Asia or Africa seeking trade distribution and representation for Europe and beyond, or indeed from publishers in any part of the world with books on Asia or Africa.

For more detail on our books, publishers and trade representation, you can download the Kodansha Europe catalogue from the icon above and right. Individual publisher catalogues are also here, where available. Information on more recent titles are available to browse or download as individual PDFs.

Below are some of our key current new titles. For further details please click on the link above right to download our latest catalogues. For Kodansha Comics, click on the link above.
New Titles
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Izumi Shoji; £14.99 PB; June; 978-1-56836-570-1; 112 pages; 251x191mm; all colour; 100 photos 100+ recipes; glossaries; index
Over 100 simple, healthy and delicious vegetarian sushi recipes covering all the different types: migiri, gunkan, oshizushi, makizushi and chirashizushi. Full colour & easy, includes great info on cutting, steaming, pickling, frying and grilling.
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New Tastes in Green Tea
New Tastes in Green Tea
This health phenomenon is starting to go viral: this is the definitive sourcebook and referencebook, which includes beautifully illustrated recipes for savoury dishes & desserts, hot and cold teas, and even cocktails.
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Shizuo Tsuji & Yoichiro Hata; £22 PB; Mar; 978-1-56836-567-1; 152 pages; 280x221mm; all colour; 360+ photos
The Tsuji Culinary Institute’s superb adaptation of the fine art of Japanese cooking to the needs ofthe home cook is available in a Revised Softcover edition, with new Foreword by David Bouley and Preface by Yoshiki Tsuji. Visually stunning; 103 recipes.
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Phillip van den Berg; £29 HB; Feb; 978-0-9946-7513-2; 200 pages; 280x221mm; all colour; 300+ photos
A long-awaited book of astonishingly beautiful and skilled bird photography that willbe valued not only by the visitors to the Southern African reserves, butby twitchers the world over. A very handsome hardcover.
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Black & White Phototips
Heinrich van den Berg; £18.99 Flexi; Feb; 978-0-9946-7510-1; 158 pages; 215x215mm; 72 monochrome photos
Fourth in the Phototips series, this one offer practical, illustrated, jargon-free advice on how to master the fine art of black & white photography in the Van den Berg’s field of expertise: nature and wildlife.
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Kruger Self-Drive: Routes, roads and ratings
Heinrich van den Berg; £29 HB; Feb; 978-0-9946-7512-5; 288 pages; 280x221mm; full colour; 100-s photos, maps, charts, routes
At last! A fully comprehensive illustrated driver’s guide to the routes, tracks, sceneries, wildlife and facilities of the owrld’s greatest eco-park. With this in the car, every driver can plan their holiday to perfection.
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Block Printed Textiles of India
Eiluned Edwards; £45 HB, Slip-Case; Feb; 978-93-85285-03-5; 376 pages; 305x228mm; 320 colour photos; glossary, bibliography; index
This is the definitive guide to this ancient Indian art of block-printed textiles, from origins, to manufacture to catwalk and beyond. Every detail is considered in Dr Edward’s beautifully illustrated and comprehensive study.
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Kalahari Phototips
Hannes Lochner; £18.99 Flexi; Feb; 978-0-9946-7511-8; 160 pages; 215x215mm; all colour; 100 photos
The 5th in the series, this offers a masterclass in nature photography in arid regions by Hannes Lochner - the world’s acknowledged expert in the flora & fauna and pristine beauty of the Kalahari.
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Indian Tibet Tibetan India
Peter van Ham; £45 HB; Feb; 978-93-83098-93-4; 244 pages; 240x280mm; all colour; 280 colour photos, 50 b/w; maps, bibliography, index
In secluded and remote high-altitude valleys of breath-taking grandeur, the author has fastidiously recorded the refuges of the ancient Tibetan cultures of the Western Himalayas lying within the modern boundaries of India.
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Giampaolo Tomassetti; £20 PB; Feb; 978-93-85285-14-1; 124 pages; 245x210mm; 43 colour, 9 b/w photos
Experience the soul of the great Indian epic through the exquisite paintings of Italian artist Tomassetti, whose giant frescoes and oils on canvas truly capture the spiritual and martial nature of the tales.
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Rodin and the Dance of Shiva
Katia Légeret-Manochhaya; £15 HB; Feb; 978-93-85285-15-8; 148 pages; 225x190mm; 23 colour, 38 b/w photos
The author is a Rodin scholar and expert in the influence of Asian art ans culture on 20th century European performing arts - well placed to write this important book, supported by rare photos from the Rodin Museum.
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The Artful Life of R. Vijay
Annapurna Garimella; £45 HB; Mar;978-1-932476-77-4; 232 pages;250x210mm; full colour; 200 photographs
An amazing hardcover that showcases the work of a highly skilled contemporary Rajasthani miniature painter in painting the notions and scenes conceived by his patron American photographer Waswo X Waswo.
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Korea: Revealing the Beauty Within
Suh Jae-sik; £35 PB; Mar; 978-1-56591-479-7; 216 pages; 245x230mm; all colour; 235 photos
A spectacular photographic journey that sets out to reveal the inner essence of what makes Korea the extraordinary and unique place that it is. The photographer is a multi-award winner.
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Korean Painting: From Modern to Contemporary
Cho Eun-jung; £13.99 PB; Mar; 978-1-56591-347-9; 160 pages; 225x150mm; 100 colour photos
A concise, well-illustrated examination of the movements in Korean painting in the turbulent years following liberation from Japanese occupation to the entrenchment of democracy in the mid-1980s.
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Postmodern Art in Korea: from 1985 on
Chung Young-mok; £13.99 PB; Mar; 978-1-56591-349-3; 152 pages; 225x150mm; 100 colour photos
An excellent exposition of the complexities of post-modernism in Korean art and its relationship with the society in which it is inextricably bound, from the mid-1980s to the present day.
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Dead Men Do Come Back
Steven C Levi; £8.99 PB; May; 978-988-14584-4-5; 280 pages; 180x120mm
1910. Alaska. Why would someone kill a miner, freeze his body solid on a glacier and then drop it alongside the Juneau wharf, the one place where US Marshal Gordon Whitford would be sure to find it?
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Shank: Tool’s Law 1
Roy Harper; £8.99 PB; May; 978-988-14584-4-5-2; 280 pages; 180x120mm
David "Tool" Roney is a dangerous man with a moral code. Stuck in brutal Parchman Maximum Security Prison in Mississippi doing life, he’s consumed by two things – escape & revenge.
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Heist: Tool’s Law 2
Roy Harper; £8.99 PB; May; 978-988-14584-4-6-9; 280 pages; 180x120mm
Every outlaw has a dream: the perfect heist to end a life of crime. Tool has the perfect plan, but it involves risking the life of his sidekick and betraying the woman who saved him - a tough call for a tough dude.
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The German Messenger
David Malcolm; £8.99 PB; May; 978-988-14584-4-7-6; 280 pages; 180x120mm
Late 1916. Europe is tearing itself apart in the Great War. British secret agent, Harry Draffen’s hunt takes him from East London slums to Oxford Clleges, from the trenches to Scottish isolation in search of a phantom.
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A Straits Settlement
Brian Stoddart; £8.99 PB; May; 978-988-14584-4-8-3; 280 pages; 180x120mm
Third in the Inspector Le Fanu mystery series set in 1920s Madras under the Raj, in this one Le Fanu is sent across the Bay of Bengal and becomes embroiled in the activities of the Intelligence Service and Chinese secret societies.
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Image Makers of Kumortuli
Krishna Dutta; £15 Flexi; Feb; 978-93-85285-13-4; 136 pages; 216x178mm; 77 colour photos
This book is a visual tribute to the potter community of Kumortuli in Bengal, as well as a cultural account of the great Durga Puja – the most important religious fetival in Bengal and other parts of India.
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Ladakh: A Photo Travelogue
Sohini Sen; £15 large format Flexi; Feb; 978-93-85285-02-8; 96 pages; 298x210mm; 404 colour photos; map
The first ever travelogue in comic-strip format, this unique journal tells the story of two girls as they make their way through the amazing scenery, monasteries and temples of hte High Himalayas of Ladakh.
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Madhubani art
Bharti Dayal; £17 Flexi; Feb; 978-93-85285-08-0; 112 pages; 245x210mm; 75 colour photos
Originally a socio-cultural activity for the womefolk in Bihar (and Nepal), the skills of the madhubani (‘forest of honey’) style of painting have been handed down for countless generations. The perfect introduction.
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Great Houses of Calcutta
Joanne Taylor • Jon Lang; £25 Flexi; Feb; 978-93-83098-90-3; 328 pages; 369 b/w, 6 colour photos
A new view of this long-term capital of British India offering a fascinating insight into the lives of the Indian families made wealthy by Calcutta’s trade through the Great Houses that still prevail today.
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Princely Palaces of New Delhi
Sumanta K Bhowmick; £45 HB; Feb; 978-93-83098-91-0; 264 pages; 27 colour, 115 b/w photos
The first comprehensive assessment of the great palaces built on prime land in the new capital by the Maharajas at the invitation of the British Raj in time for the 1911 Durbar of King George V.
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The Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan; £6.99 PB; Feb; 978-93-83098-94-1; 176 pages; 216x140mm
The universal popularity of Tagore’s work shows there is neither East nor West in the realm of the spirit. Dr Radhakrishnan identifies what demand Tagore’s work satisfies, and how it is met in this seminal work.
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Rajasthan on a Platter
S Bhatnagar • P Gupta; £15 flexi; Feb; 978-93-85285-11-0; 152 pages; 75 recipes; 79 colour photos; glossary; index
Contains a wide, select and unique variety of traditional and tasty but simple home-made recipes, and includes nutritional values, with a glossary of terms and table of measurements.
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Yoga: Bharat’s Invaluable Gift to the World
V Ravi Kumar; £16.99 HB; Feb; 978-93-85285-05-9; 192 pages; 246x166mm; 280 colour photos
A book that traces the wide canvas of Yoga, from its origins in antiquity to its mass appeal and acceptance which has transcended geographical, cultural and national boundaries.
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Dagars & Dhrupad: Divine Legacy
Humra Quraishi; £25 HB; Feb; 978-93-83098-75-0; 156 pages; 248x222mm; 75 colour, 124 b/w photos
Dhrupad is one of the earliest and most dominant streams that has contributed to Hindustani classical music. This is the world of raga, alap and dhrupad told through 20 generations of Dagar family singers.
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Eat Sleep Sit
Kaoru Nonomura; £11.99 PB; Available; 978-1-56836-565-7; 328 pages; 189x132mm
The extraordinary story of a graphic designer’s year at Eihei-ji, a training temple for Zen priests. The revelations of the violent and brutal hierarchy that emerges will remain in the mind for a very long time.
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